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Recently I befriended (re-friended?) some friends of mine from middle school on FaceBook. These are people I have not spoken to in almost twenty years.

One of my big regrets in my life is not having lifelong friends. Through my travels and explorations I have met a lot of people, but I have not really stayed in touch with any of them extremely long term. I had friends when I was growing up, but I have no idea where they are now. I suppose part of this is due to changing schools as I grew up, but regardless of the reason, I feel it is something I am missing from my life.

I am glad Facebook has given me the chance to reconnect with some of these old friends. The memories have been pouring back all week.

Date: 2009-02-01 06:21 am (UTC)
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not having long-term friends is something i dealt with a lot at various times. at the end of grade school, half of my class mates went to public schools & half to private schools - and immediately we were all so wrapped up in the new worlds of high school that we lost touch w/ those at the other school. then 2 yrs later i left for mo academy - and the few friends i had from my home high school didnt remain particularly close while we were teenagers and i was 8 hours away. also, since i was relatively removed from anyone associated w/ camp, i didnt really have my camp friends either. then after the academy, i moved back home while everyone else went away to school - so starting over again.

in the past few years though ive never completely lost touch w/ those from the academy (though its not uncommon to go a year or more without speaking), and my friendships from high school (and a couple from grade school) have randomly . . . re-formed? . . . and ive now been the maid of honor in 4 weddings.

oddly enough, the friend i consider myself to have been close to the most consistently over the longest period of time is marty - weve kept in touch relatively well since my first summer at camp, which could never have been predicted that summer (98). speaking of which, i might be hanging out w/ him & jessica next weekend. any messages youd like me to pass along if you all havent spoken lately?



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