Dec. 15th, 2008

Since my last report, things have been a bit busy.

In no real order:

* The new job is going really well. I am still in the midst of training, in part due to the number of responsibilities I have, and in part due to the massive change in management at the store. I like my coworkers, I like the job, and I am enjoying the job. Of course I am breaking the promise I made to myself (and to my family) saying that I would not work retail during another holiday season, but such is life in the economy.

* The kittens are doing fairly well. I just realized that I never wrote a proper introduction to them, so here goes. Sprocket and Dino are the two little kittens, believed to be sisters. They were adopted from DC Metro Ferals and are now about six months old. They were caught in the wild somewhere in Southeast D.C. They have completely opposite personalities. Dino is extremely reserved (although she is definitely coming out of her shell) and Sprocket is about as curious and fearless as you could ever find in a kitten. Sprocket is also quite the lap-whore, demanding to sit in whatever lap she can find.

A little over a month ago, though, Sprocket developed two symptoms. One was a definite headtilt, and the other was a permanently congested head. The amazing people at Friendship Hospital for Animals diagnosed this as inflammatory polyps growing in her middle ear. The recommended course of treatment for this is Ventral Bulla Osteotomy (warning: Some mildly graphic medical images on the linked page). Poor Sprocket had bilateral polyps, meaning they had developed in both ears.

Dropped off on Tuesday evening at the hospital, Sprocket underwent the surgery on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately Sprocket developed an uncommon complication of the surgery, swelling in her Eustachian tubes, along with a large amount of mucous drainage. This led to loss of her airway, requiring first a breathing tube and later that day a tracheostomy. Originally she was supposed to come home Thursday evening. She eventually made it home yesterday, Sunday.

The only major issue now is that she is not eating. This requires several syringe feedings a day, along with eight syringes worth of medication each day. She has started pecking at her food (both dry and wet), but really has not eaten much of anything on her own.

* I have been trying to visit as many of the free museums and memorials that D.C. has to offer. My family came here dozens of times while I was growing up and I have seen many of them before, but it is nice to see them again as an adult. My favorite right now has to be the National Portrait Gallery. Luckily this is also just down the street from work, meaning I can go there on my lunch break.

* I cannot say enough about the recent Presidential election. Not since 12 Sept. 2001 have I seen such a unification of the American populace. The only way I can describe it is as the French must have felt after they finally beheaded the King. This time, however, it was done in a democratic method. We have turned the page as a country, and we all have such high hopes. The veil has been lifted.

* On a related note, I am extremely lucky to be living in D.C. during this time, and I am looking forward to 20 January 2009.



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