So I just got back from Davis Square. I just got done with dinner not too long ago. It is about time for me to go to the grocery store, and as a result I was out of any dessert-type food. I started off in the rain to the convenience store about a block away from apartment. Of course it was closed. I decided to walk all the way into Davis to get my chocolate fix for the night. Of course it was raining, but when a man wants chocolate...

The Internet in The Flat is still a touchy subject. That is to say that we do not currently have our own Internet access. Those of us with wireless-able computers are leeching off of some really weak signals. I set up the roommate who did not have wireless with a hack allowing him to get some access. Hopefully we will get DSL or cable internet this coming week, but it is anyone's guess.

In related news, I set up my new computer. I (re)bought a 17" iMac G5 (iSight) that came off of a front window display at the Fruit Stand. If you saw the holiday window display, you saw my computer. I threw in an extra gig of RAM to head off any trend of getting machines with less RAM than my previous machine. I am now in desperate need of a computer desk (so my computer is not sitting on a glorified TV tray) and some wireless headphones (so I can better use Front Row from my bed). This is an interim machine until I get a dual-display setup sometime this spring/summer. Pictures forthcoming.

I also need to get my pictures from Atlanta up online, but I am unable to do anything too intensive online, so that will have to wait.

My current plan for a computer desk is to get some sort of mesh net/bag behind the desk to hold all of my cables and hubs. I am currently using an Apple wireless keyboard, and might start using a wireless Logitech MX700 mouse I got really cheap from a coworker. In the end, this could make for a fairly clean install.

Today was my first day off spent at home in about two weeks. I slept until almost noon today. It has been a very long time since I slept twelve straight hours. It felt wonderful, and I get to do it again tomorrow!

Tomorrow is grocery shopping, hopefully finally receiving my juggling clubs, and then poi practice tomorrow night.

My busking career might take off after all!



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