On Saturday I competed in the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon [Warning: Annoying "Call to the Post" audio when that page loads.]

All in all it was a good run. My goal was a sub-1:35:00 race. I finished with a 1:36:50. I was 329 overall, out of the 9387 finishing the half marathon. All in all I am happy with the race.

Some points:
1) With 12,000 people running (split between the half marathon and the full length marathon), the start should have been handled better. The road we started on was not wide enough to handle that many people. The first mile or so I spent running *around* people more than actually running "my race".
2) That brings me to a second point: While signs were up marking different desired paces (signs on the side of the start listing "6:00", "7:00" and so on), apparently no one except me and a few others actually followed them. As a result my first mile time was pretty slow. Instead of the 7:15 pace I had been hoping for, my first mile was timed at about 7:45
3) I have no idea what my second mile time was since I never saw the clock at the two mile mark. I never saw the two mile mark, which might explain part of that.
4) According to the chip timing, I did the first 10K of the race (about 6.2 miles) in 47:03, or about 7:34 pace. A lot of that was from the first two miles, I am sure. The only real hills on the course were from mile marker 3 to mile marker 5, as well.
5) My 15K time was 1:09:39, meaning from 10K -> 15K took me 22:36. That works out to be a 7:16 pace, or right about where I wanted to be. So after I got out of traffic I was almost exactly at the pace I wanted to be at.
6) For those of you keeping track at home, that means I did from the 15K mark (about 9.2 miles) to the end (~13.1 miles) in 27:11, or a blistering 7:10 pace.

After the race I felt pretty good. I took two more days off and today I finally did another run, an easy five miles.
Anyone in the Nashville, TN area want to give me a place to crash tomorrow night (Tuesday, 4 March 2008)?
So Chicago people - it looks like I will be in Chicago from about 30 December 2006 - 2 January 2007. Not a lot of time, I realize, but if anyone wants to meet up during that time for lunch/coffee/whatever, just let me know and I will see if I can fit you in somewhere.
To get caught up on a whirlwind week and a half:

I flew to Atlanta to visit. It was a good trip. Going through security, I ran into a little difficulty.  )

Spent some time in Athens, GA. Went kayaking on the Broad River. Went to a Red Sox game at Turner Field. It made me appreciate Fenway a lot more.

I checked in for my Tuesday flight back to Boston on Monday. Lucky me. I was flying AIrTran. Little did I know that their computers would completely crash Monday night, and they would not be able to check in ANYONE who did not check in prior to the crash. Thousands of people were waiting in line at their ticket counters. I was able to breeze through security and board the plane. We were running about an hour late, but in the grand scheme of things I think we were really lucky.

Oh, and security at ATL? Did not make me take off my shoes.

Got back Tuesday evening. Wednesday at the Fruit Stand, and Wednesday night I went to The Streets show at Avalon, on the band list. Great show.

Thursday was back to the Fruit Stand, and Thursday night was out with some coworkers for drinks (I just had a spinach and artichoke dip).

Friday morning was back, again, to the Fruit Stand. Friday night was out with a friend for a movie, dinner, and dessert.

Saturday and... well, you can guess. The Fruit Stand. Last night I stayed home, made some dinner, and watched a movie. Today I got up and met an out-of-town friend for brunch in Coolidge Corner. Came back, went for a run, and then just relaxed. Tomorrow is running, doctor's appointment, and then groceries.

Oh, and I might write an entry complaining about the Fruit Stand tomorrow. RIght now I just do not want to think about it.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention the most important part of this weekend - I just purchased a one-way ticket from Atlanta to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. 28 August 2006. The big-bosses at the Fruit Stand do not know this yet, though, so...
So much to write about!

The most pressing news is that on Wednesday I will be flying down to the Atlanta/Athens, GA area for a week. I will return next Tuesday.

Already procured for the trip? A set of four tickets to see the Braves play on Saturday, along with four MORE tickets to the Braves game on Sunday.

It is not coincidence that I am going to visit Georgia this weekend, nor that I have tickets to these games. You see, everyone's favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, will be traveling down to Turner Field this weekend, as well.

Speaking of Red Sox games... )

At work we now have a few extra computers. One is a 500MHz Indigo iMac (dual firewire, 512MB of RAM, 20GB HD, CD-RW). One of the others is a Mac Classic.

While I am moving in the not-too-distant future, I had some thoughts about acquiring them.

The plan for the Indigo would be to rip out the CRT and the guts of the machine. Find a small case to jam the MLB, the PSU, and the hard drive (and other parts needed to get it running). Basically a G3 Mac mini. Toss the CRT (in an environmentally friendly manner, of course), and give the shell to a friend for a cat bed.

The plan for the Mac Classic is more obvious - MacQuarium! There are some good directions out there. I think with my experience building Pixel's aquarium, this should be fairly easy.

Ponies will have an appropriate home in the back of the Fruit Stand!

In completely unrelated news, I signed up for a team triathlon with two coworkers for the middle of July. Anyone in the Boston area who wants to help cheer us on (or just provide transportation and logistical support), let me know!

I am back!

Mar. 16th, 2006 07:39 pm
Atlanta was good. It was wonderful seeing everyone. People seen included [livejournal.com profile] bigpeteb, [livejournal.com profile] scottiegirlc, Ross, Mike G., Amber, and Johanna. I was disappointed not to see [livejournal.com profile] pyrona.

It was also wonderful getting a few days off from work and out of Boston. Do not get me wrong, I really like the city, but it was getting a bit dreary. I am looking forward to spring.

The weather in Atlanta was wonderful. It definitely hit 80 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. It reminded me that I need to procure some shorts - when I moved to Boston in October luggage space was at a premium, so I did not pack any.

Good food was consumed, Lazer Tag was played, good conversation ensued, and good live music was listened to. The best part was definitely seeing everyone. Thanks again to everyone I saw for making it such a fantastic trip.

Upcoming trips hopefully include Cincinnati, Iceland, and the Memphis/Mississippi Delta area. If you live in one of these areas, definitely let me know and I will try to arrange to see you.

Another probable trip is to New York City on 2/3 April 2006 (that is a Sunday and Monday). Right now I am looking for places to stay and people to visit. Let me know.

I had forgotten how much I like traveling and vacationing.

create your own visited states map.

They also have a world map, with visited countries, but that would be somewhat lacking for me, I think.

For having never really taken a road trip (family spring break drives to Florida not included), the map is not too bad.

I could not decide on definite criteria to be included. Surely a layover in an airport does not count. I thought about making it "states I have stayed the night in", which would be close to what you see above. There are a couple of states (Rhode Island, Wisconsin) that I did not stay the night in, but met someone and at least had a meal while I was there. So I counted those.

States lived in: KY, NY, CA, IL.



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