First things first, I suppose - both the ophthalmologist and the neurologist have given me the all-clear. I have to avoid any exertion for the next couple of weeks, along with avoiding any blows to the head for about the same amount of time. Other than that, though, I am pretty good to go.

So all of this time confined to my bed has left me a bit productive, however. Yesterday I finally got a conversion process in place to be able to read my old WordPerfect/Mac files from the mid-90's.

Last night I got through about a third of the files for conversion, mostly old letters that I sent to friends. This morning I started looking through some of them, along with some files I created in AppleWorks on my Apple //gs. The AppleWorks letters are from about July 1990 - July 1993. The WordPerfect files are from about September 1993 - September 1997.

These letters, especially earlier are, formed about the sole basis of communication I had with friends from places like VAMPY. These were days when very few people had even heard of the Internet, and long distance was still prohibitively expensive (for point of comparison, I just looked it up. A long-distance (200-400 mile call in the mid 90's was about 30 cents/minute during the day and 15 cents/minute during the evening)

Yeah, this was definitely the time before the prevalent cell phones with free long distance and unlimited nights and weekends.

Looking back through these old letters, though, brings about two immediate reactions. The first is slight embarrassment. "Did I really write that? Did I really think that?" I suppose I was in high school, though, so some forgiveness must be included. The second reaction is a bit of nostalgia. Friends that I poured my heart out to but am no longer in touch with.

I am hoping I actually get to a point where I can read through a few of them without visibly cringing on occasion. We will see.

These files do chronicle my life. I can look back and reconstruct my thought process as I decided to go off to college a year early. I can follow my adolescent development. I can look at the papers I wrote for classes and easily see the maturation of my thought process.

One of the more interesting parts is the chronicle of my love life, such as it was 10+ years ago. Brigid, Christina, Kasia, Sara. You know, back when it was actually fairly active.

Ah, to be young and think you know everything. Now I am just an old man, not really sure of anything.

In other news, I found this to be a pretty interesting read.

[Source for the long-distance rate data:]

I am back!

Mar. 16th, 2006 07:39 pm
Atlanta was good. It was wonderful seeing everyone. People seen included [ profile] bigpeteb, [ profile] scottiegirlc, Ross, Mike G., Amber, and Johanna. I was disappointed not to see [ profile] pyrona.

It was also wonderful getting a few days off from work and out of Boston. Do not get me wrong, I really like the city, but it was getting a bit dreary. I am looking forward to spring.

The weather in Atlanta was wonderful. It definitely hit 80 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. It reminded me that I need to procure some shorts - when I moved to Boston in October luggage space was at a premium, so I did not pack any.

Good food was consumed, Lazer Tag was played, good conversation ensued, and good live music was listened to. The best part was definitely seeing everyone. Thanks again to everyone I saw for making it such a fantastic trip.

Upcoming trips hopefully include Cincinnati, Iceland, and the Memphis/Mississippi Delta area. If you live in one of these areas, definitely let me know and I will try to arrange to see you.

Another probable trip is to New York City on 2/3 April 2006 (that is a Sunday and Monday). Right now I am looking for places to stay and people to visit. Let me know.

I had forgotten how much I like traveling and vacationing.
A reminder to any VAMPY that read this journal - VAMPY applications (to be a counselor, TA, etc.) are due 15 February 2004. late applications are almost never considered, so make sure to get yours in on time.
For all of you VAMPY alumni who remember this:

Unit 5 Reports On Deadly 'Blackout Game'



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