Couple of things:

First, I am trying to arrange people's visitations during the month of March. Several people have mentioned wanting to come visit during their spring break, and I am trying to get the schedule to work so while we are not overcrowded, as many people as want can take advantage of our hospitality. Let me know as soon as possible.

Second, anyone with any film editing experience would be well-served to consider moving to the Virgin Islands. Based on the local commercials I have seen, someone with any ability at all could make a killing. You could have the entire market to yourself in a short amount of time, I am sure. I will try to get a few up somewhere so that you can take a look at them.
I ordered a snorkelling mask and snorkel today. It was a somewhat expensive purchase, but I know that it will get a lot of use. The big expense, of course, was the fact that I need prescription lenses in the mask. Takes a $35 mask and makes it almost $100.

I am slowly finding places online that will ship to the VI. Amazon will not, but L.L. Bean will, as will REI. The SCUBA gear place I found online will, as well.

Powell's will, but they say it will take 8-12 weeks shipping. I would really like to find a source for used books down here. There is a bookstore close by, but they only do new books. They do a lot in special orders, though, so I can get other books if I want.

I need to check with the school - I am hoping I will be able to check books out of the library. That will be nice.

On a completely unrelated note, there is a Chevrolet commercial series that has gas stations doing mean things to Chevies, saying that gas stations hate Chevies since they get such great gas milage. That point aside, one of them pictures a Cobalt (nee Cavalier) WITH A HUGE WING on the back of the car.

What do you think that wing does to gas milage?

I have not done any substitute teaching yet. I still do the afterschool gig. It is nice, but I do think I am going to need a bit more money each month. I am considering finding a retail job for about 10 hours a week to make ends meet.

Went to a new beach yesterday, Lindberg Bay. It was nice. Definitely more of a "locals" beach. A nice alternative, since it is reachable via a dollar cab. Today I headed back to Morningstar Bay. Tomorrow we are meeting up with some people who are going to give us a ride to Magen's Bay.

I really want to start snorkeling.

Anyway, that is my life.
To get everyone caught up:

Flew from Boston to Atlanta on Monday. Spent Tuesday in Atlanta, getting ready. Early Wednesday morning we (my new roommate and I) flew out of Atlanta. After going through security (and rechecking bags) in Atlanta, Orlando, and San Juan, we finally got on a plane destined for St. Thomas, USVI.

We were exhausted on Wednesday night, so we pretty much decided who is sleeping on the futon (her), who on the bed (me), got some dinner, and promptly crashed for the night.

Yesterday, on Thursday, I got up a little early and did a bit of exploring. I found our source for Internet access, the K-Mart, and the local grocery store. I came back with a wDSL modem. Ten minutes later we were up and online. (Note: 12 hours later, a very faulty wireless LinkSys router took us offline, only until today when a NetGear replacement was procured.)

Yesterday continued with grocery shopping and basic supply shopping at K-Mart, along with my roommate, Amber, taking tons of pictures of the cruise ships and the iguanas in the trees.

This morning I got up a bit early, took a lazy morning, and then headed off to my only scheduled job interview on the island, at the Antilles School as a substitute teacher. Two hours later I had been hired on not only as a substitute teacher, but also as a private tutor, and as an afterschool supervisor.

And here I talk about jobs, and paychecks )

...and here about the apartment )

One other thing, which some people might find most important of all. Since I could not bring Ponies with me, people were suggesting that I get another pet. My lease does not allow for pets, though, and since I am not sure how long I am going to be here, getting anything with a commitment is not a great idea. Luckily for us, we found that our bathroom already has a resident, a house gecko, who has since been named Jill.

Every morning we have a "Where is Jill now?" search.

Without further ado, a picture of Jill:

In about 30 minutes I will be on my way to the Boston airport, on the first leg of my journey to the Virgin Islands. I will arrive on St. Thomas on Wednesday afternoon, assuming all three of my flights on Wednesday go off without a hitch (I am not sure about that happening).

This last week has been wonderful. I have spent so much time with so many people that I care about.

I cannot express how amazing you all are.

I am fighting to keep my breakfast down right now. As nervous as I am, though, I am still even more sad about leaving the Boston area, and all of my friends here. The Virgin Islands are going to have to work hard to compete with Boston, even with the beaches.

I am not sure when I will next have a reliable Internet connection. It is on my list of "First Things to Do When I Get to the Island", but your guess is as good as mine on that one.

I will be updating, I will be posting pictures, and, most of all, I will be expecting visitors.

To my Boston friends: I will miss you all terribly.
Pictures of my apartment

We are definitely open for hosting people who wish to visit. Contact me for more information.

I am pretty much done with the packing that I can do now, so if anyone wants to hang out this week let me know.

Boston residents: Clear your calendars for this coming Sunday evening for some sort of going-away gathering. Details forthcoming.



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